The health-promoting properties of wool have long been known to mankind.

Our ancestors used the fleece of sheep, i.e. the compact mass of sheep’s hair they received when shearing, to treat illnesses and to relieve pain.
But did you know that choosing sheep’s wool and other natural fibers can also be an effective way to get better skin?

You will learn all about it in this article.


For your health.

As you know, wool has excellent thermo-active properties and very well insulates heat and maintains body temperature. That is why it has found its application in physiotherapy. For people who suffer from rheumatic diseases, circulation problems, muscle tissue and skin diseases, wool helps to prolong the heat effect that is caused during treatments and thus bring relief. By heating the right places the wool relieves pain.

In case of circulation problems, woollen fabric can not only warm up cold limbs, but also gently massage the body, improving circulation.

Woolen fiber is hygroscopic and has the ability to retain water and evaporation. This feature improves the comfort of use. Woolen fabric does not absorb sweat, but can expel it outside. Thus, the fabric remains dry and no bacteria, mites or moulds develop in it.

Woolen fibers show a variety of their structure – the core is covered with keratin scallops on its entire surface. Their jamming during processing strengthens the fabric and the adjacent fibres show ionization during use. Apart from thermal insulation, it is one of the main factors positively influencing the health of the wearer.



For skin and youthful appearance

Researchers who are involved in research and development of the textile industry also conducted tests on a group of people aged 25 to 63 years who wore woollen T-shirts for four weeks with other artificial material in the upper back. Scientists regularly tested the condition of the skin under laboratory conditions according to various health parameters such as proper hydration and lack of inflammation.

In this way, the researchers discovered that natural fabric, unlike artificial materials, does not cause inflammation or redness and keeps the skin properly moisturized.


Is this your conscious choice?

Although this research was designed to make consumers aware of how harmful clothing made of unnatural materials is, most of us take many different factors into account before buying a product.

Similarly, we know very well how harmful fast food and artificial ingredients are to health, but we still can’t deny ourselves until the body gives clear signals.

We should know what is dangerous and make conscious choices. This also applies to what we wear every day, which affects our mood and healthy appearance.

If you don’t read the label before buying your clothes, start doing so. Manufacturers very often place the information themselves what harmful effects a given product can cause. Remember that your health is in your hands. You decide what is important for you.

If you are struggling with rheumatism, cardiovascular problems or skin diseases, a woollen fabric will help you not only to alleviate pain but also to restore healthy processes in your body.

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