The concept of „natural clothing” has been shaping textile users’ trends for a long time. However, it is worth noting that only some manufacturers are able to ensure the naturalness of fabrics and good quality of their products.

Did you know that still a significant part of textile raw materials for clothes production are made in Poland? We have a rich history and are able to preserve the tradition, passing the best to the next generations. Focusing on quality, we are able to face the enormous Far East competition. Nowadays, apart from the price of clothing, consumers pay attention to the fabric composition, functionality of clothes and design. We know this and every day we try to meet your expectations.

We are one of the Polish leaders in the production of woollen fabrics, which for over a hundred years has been setting new trends among fabric manufacturers, not only in Poland but also abroad. We take care of the traditions that have been shaped in our region for over several centuries.



Centuries of experience

Modern Polish textile industry is inseparably connected with the rich history of the Bielsko region. Here, at the foot of the Beskids, there has never been a shortage of clean mountain water, which is essential in the process of dyeing and finishing fabrics, and the sheep grazed in the mountain halls provided the necessary wool of the highest quality. This is how for centuries the traits, manufactures
and factories.

At the beginning of the 18th century Bielsko became the largest center of crafts in the Duchy of Cieszyn. The local cloth was considered to be the best among Silesian and Czech products.

We learn from various sources that in 1734 there were already 271 foremen weavers working in the town, and the finishing of fabrics was done by specialized specialists – cloth cutters. In those years, there were also numerous dyeing plants and a few folders. In those centers, the production of woollen fabrics was carried out with care to increase the compactness of the fabrics, which had to be swept and crushed, moistened with water, usually warm, with various additions. That is why the wool was shrinking and shrinking, gaining density, thickness and durability.

Already in the sixties of the 18th century, the first woolen manufactory was launched in Bielsko. The sale was handled by merchant-wholesalers. At that time, it was also possible to gain new markets: the Hungarian market and the countries of the Turkish Empire. At the turn of the 18th and 19th century the guild cloth industry had its greatest flourish – during the Napoleonic Wars, it supplied the army. At the beginning of the 19th century, thanks to the first textile machines and a steam machine, there was a revolution in the way they were produced.

At the beginning of the 1940s, the first full-scale cloth factories were established, in which all processes connected with the production and care of woollen fabrics were started: from washing the wool through spinning, weaving and dyeing to finishing.

At the beginning of the 20th century, there were already 75 bigger and smaller cloth factories, spinning, dyeing, weaving and dyeing plants in Bielsko, and 15 in Biala. Textile products produced in this region were delivered to customers on all continents.

In the years 1918-1939, the Bielsko-Biala center was the second Polish textile center after Lodz, but high-quality Bielsko-Biala wool was leading the world.

During the Second World War in Bielsko, Biala and its surroundings there were already about 150 production plants, providing fabrics for uniforms.

In later years, as we know, the production methods were modernized. The influx of goods from Asia and the replacement of natural materials with synthetics weakened the position of the factories, which still wanted to deliver the best quality product. We are the only continuation of these centuries-old traditions.

Rytex Sp. z o.o. specializes in manufacturing woollen fabrics. Our technologies are consistent with the strategy of green transformation. We maintain high standards, confirmed by numerous certificates.

We want to deliver the highest quality fabrics to our customers in Poland and abroad.

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