A good sleep is very important for our body. Although we sometimes put it off, we don’t care about its regularity, it has a key role for physical and mental health.

A good night’s sleep increases our immunity, optimizes memory and cognitive functions. It is also very important in dealing with emotions.


Infants sleep better

Sleeping on a woolen base helps the child sleep more peacefully. This fabric has thermal properties and reduces stress in sleeping babies.

A healthy sleep of a child is not only mental health…of a mother. Research has shown that newborn babies sleeping on woolen bases less often wake up and cry during sleep in comparison to those sleeping on cotton bases.

The baby’s body cannot yet effectively regulate the body temperature, which quickly loses heat.

If you dress your baby in cotton pajamas and cover him/her with synthetic blankets, the baby who sweats during sleep can often wake up due to discomfort and sticky cold material adhering to the body. In addition, when the baby is too hot, he or she sleeps anxiously and can waving his or her arms and legs to reveal himself or herself, which leads to the cooling of the small body.

Sheep’s wool is the perfect answer to these problems. It ensures an even body temperature and safe sleep all night long.

Sleep well is conducive to the healthy development of the baby, as the growth hormone is secreted during the third and fourth phase of sleep. That is why sleepers and blankets for children made of wool are recommended by specialists.


Adults sleep better

The use of woolen bedding and underlays also improves the quality of sleep in adults. Wool has beneficial properties, for the body during rest. Since the ability to regulate body temperature decreases with age, wool is especially recommended for older people. It provides excellent thermal insulation, much better wicks moisture away compared to other types of fibers, so you can feel more comfortable sleeping.

Wool blankets

Wool blankets are characterized by better thermal insulation and moisture removal compared to blankets made of other fabrics. Woolen fibers are covered with lanolin – natural sheep fat. Thanks to it, dust and mites do not accumulate on the blanket surface. That is why blankets made of wool are also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Woolen fabric favors less heat loss, thanks to which it warms aching places and positively influences blood circulation in human body.

That is why the above properties guarantee „regenerative sleep”.

A woollen blanket is ideal for every season of the year. In winter it will provide us with warmth, while in summer it will help us to maintain optimal body temperature.

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