Many elements in our house, including upholstered furniture, bedding, are often manufactured using chemicals. To a large extent manufacturing companies decide on such solutions because of the costs. Chemicals can be used to create bedding and upholstery „without creases”, „easy to care for” or „waterproof”.

The good news is that you do not have to accept this.

Let’s look at the reasons why you should change your bedding and upholstery to one that is free of chemicals – and how to find them.


  1. Say goodbye to sleep problems.

Numerous studies show that a chemical-free environment can improve sleep quality. Chemicals can produce molecules that are harmful to our body under the influence of various external factors. Among the side effects of such a process we can mention problems with falling asleep, insomnia. That is why it is worth giving up synthetic fabrics in the bedroom in favour of natural fabrics, such as wool.


  1. Cleaner air reduces breathing problems.

Think how much time you spend in your house or apartment during the day. Therefore, it is worth considering what you inhale and take steps to improve the air quality in the rooms where you spend most of the day and night. We mean not only airing the rooms, but also the danger that causes toxins emitted into the air from our upholstered furniture. Chemical fumes can cause itching, rhinitis and breathing problems, including unpleasant asthma symptoms – these symptoms can often be confused with other ailments. So if, for example, you often wake up at night, coughing or sneezing, it can mean that there are harmful materials in the room. If you buy a new piece of furniture, ask the manufacturer what it is made of and whether it has a quality certificate. You can also change the upholstery of the furniture to natural fabric. Wool works very well in such situations, because it is resistant to crushing and water, and at the same time durable in use.


  1. Avoid skin allergies

Plastics and plastic fabrics often contain dyes, chemicals that are absorbed by the skin. They can often cause allergic reactions.

Of course you can avoid direct contact with upholstery fabrics by wearing clothing that covers your body. However, this is very difficult in case of bedding.

That is why choosing natural fabrics, you can avoid discomfort and unpleasant symptoms.




How to choose bedding and upholstery without chemistry?

Your first step to a room without chemistry? Look for completely natural materials.

For example, no chemicals are usually added to wool blankets because the wool retains its hygroscopicity, is resistant to crushing.

In the case of upholstered furniture, always check before buying a product that it has been produced in an environmentally friendly way.

At Rytex we make sure that our products are natural, produced according to the principles of green transformation. This is why you can be sure that by buying our fabrics you take care of your health and the whole family.



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