We are the only Central European manufacturer of wool fabrics, both worsted and woollen, who is proud to carry on the textile tradition of Bielsko.


We carry on the tradition and production methods of wool fabrics produced in Bielsko, which had been developed in the region over the centuries. The town sitting in the foothills of the Beskidy Mountains, has never lacked pure, mountain water, indispensable in the manufacturing, dyeing and finishing processes of fabrics production. There have always been herds of sheep in the mountain pastures, serving as a source of needed wool. Under these favourable circumstances, yarn weavers could have developed handicraft guild, which later on resulted in manufacturing plants.
At the beginning of the 19th century, the usage of first weaving machinery triggered the upheaval in the production methods. The introduction of steam engine machines contributed to the progress of textile industry which enabled fully fledged factories to be opened in the early1840s.
One of the factories, called “ Karol Jakowski i Syn”, resulted from a merger of textile finishing factory belonging to the Jankowski Family and Fryderyk A. Zipser’s cloth factory in 1914. The factory was located in the Plac Fabryczny and had been operating since 1814 and the Zipser’s plant had carried on the tradition of the oldest Bielsko’s wool manufacture founded in 1760 by J.G. Mänhardt.
The company had numerous branches in many Polish towns and cities as well as representative agencies in Amsterdam, Belgrade, Beirut, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Riga, Stockholm, Tehran and Vienna.

Source: Relacje-Interpretacje, Kwartalnik Regionalnego Ośrodka Kultury w Bielsku-Białej

The production methods introduced in the factory triggered off following decades of textile industry. Afterwards both Bielsko and Biała not only became the most important centre of the industry in the Silesian region, but also the third in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Our woollen goods were exported to all the continents. During the interwar years Bielsko’s high-quality wool had almost no competition no one could match our quality.
The production methods had been improved and passed on from one generation to another. That is why we carry on and keep the hundreds-year-old wool cloth production tradition alive, fulfilling all current requirements of sustainability.


  • Assortment
    Our product range consists of the highest-quality fabrics made from carefully selected Polish and Australian wool:
  • Uniforms fabrics
  • Overcoat fabrics
  • Clerical clothing fabrics
  • Re-enactment fabrics
  • Traditional Folk Clothing fabrics
  • Court robes fabric
  • Luxury fabrics
  • Suit fabrics
  • Costumes and theatrical fabrics
  • Upholstery fabrics
  • Wool blankets

We obtain about 400 tones of polish wool a year in order to create natural, luxury and ecological fabrics. We produce woolen fabrics containing 100 % wool and a wide range of blends with polyester, mohair, alpaca wool, Lycra and polyamide in many colours.
We cooperate with the tailoring industry, designers as well as people sewing for themselves all over the world. There is also a possibility to produce custom-made fabrics with a choice of its fiber composition, colour and weave.


Our company carries on the high-end fabrics’ production by applying new technologies in finishing processes (Teflon coating, wrinkles- resistance, soil-resistance) and using new raw materials (polyester and Lycra). We have run our production according to the adopted green transition strategy, to which we contribute by:

  • Producing biodegradable fabrics.
  • Owning a pure water intake as well as a primary treatment sewage plant.
  • Applying a closed-loop textile recycling in order to recapture resources.
  • Eliminating, whenever it is possible, chemicals and synthetic dyes since we rely on natural wool colours.
  • Our textile Engineering Beauro allows us to create new fabrics fulfilling customers’ requirements in regard to sustainability and climate- friendly technologies (the lowest CO₂ emission per a square metre of fabric).
  • Our products’ biodegradability is certified — our compliance with the IWAY code of conduct and its eco-friendly standards have been verified while producing pure wool upholstery fabrics for IKEA.

Our mission


Rytex’s mission is to offer the highest quality woollen fabrics created in harmony with nature, from which we take the best. Moreover, to present our fabrics in a luxury form, carrying on the textile tradition of Bielsko. Our aim is to produce a unique product offering health benefits in a sustainable and eco- friendly way.

Our primary goals are in this respect:

  • To carry on the textile traditions in Poland.
  • To keep a leadership position in producing luxury woollen fabrics in Poland.
  • To minimalise the negative impact on the environment.
  • To run a Textile Engineering Beauro allowing us to produce exclusive and unique custom-made weaves.
  • To raise customers’ awareness in regard to health benefits of wool.
  • To engage creative designers in the Design Academy of Rytex project.