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Sustainable fashion – a 21st century trend

In recent years, the interest in eco-solutions has increased significantly, also in the fashion world. The notion of sustainable fashion, or sustainable fashion in other words, ecological fashion, has become an integral part of the world philosophy of design. On […]

History of the Polish textile industry

The concept of „natural clothing” has been shaping textile users’ trends for a long time. However, it is worth noting that only some manufacturers are able to ensure the naturalness of fabrics and good quality of their products. Did you […]

Health-promoting properties of wool

The health-promoting properties of wool have long been known to mankind. Our ancestors used the fleece of sheep, i.e. the compact mass of sheep’s hair they received when shearing, to treat illnesses and to relieve pain. But did you know […]

How to ensure a healthy and peaceful sleep? It’s easy!

A good sleep is very important for our body. Although we sometimes put it off, we don’t care about its regularity, it has a key role for physical and mental health. A good night’s sleep increases our immunity, optimizes memory […]